Is NYC Really The Top City For Post Grads?

Graduating from college was one of the best time in our lives — besides the nonstop parties celebrating the end of studying and test-taking, the excitement of packing up your life and starting a whole new adventure can't be beat. But, then, the reality of moving sets in. Job hunting, apartment hunting, and getting used to a whole new routine filled with whole new faces can be downright daunting, especially when you're trying to accomplish all that in a city as vast as NYC. Which is why we couldn't believe our eyes when we learned that, according to a new study by Apartment Guide, the Big Apple just earned the top ranking as the best city for post-grads.
Now, don't get us wrong, we're seriously in love with New York, and we'd take on anyone who dared speak ill of our favorite place. But, that said, the cutthroat competitiveness of the job market and the ridiculously expensive apartments just don't jibe well with unemployed (and underfunded!) recent grads. Of course, we managed to make lemonades out of lemons, if you will, so it's certainly possible for anyone who loves big city life enough to try. What do you think: Is NYC a good place to start out, or is it just a little too daunting?

Photo: Courtesy of NYC Go