Someone Finally Made An All-Bro Girls Parody

Well, that took long enough! After two whole seasons of Girls, we have the first official satire of the HBO show: Bros. Created by, well, bros, the online series follows former frat guys living in Manhattan — in other words, the exact opposite tale of Hannah and her quirky friends. In the first episode, star Michael and his friends experiment with the hipster lifestyle by trekking across the river dressed in over-the-top farcical outfits — think "Skrillex concert at a gay bar" — to try and pick up Williamsburg girls.
The episode goes on to poke fun at all sorts of Brookyn (and Lena Dunham) stereotypes — think PBR, beards, LCD Soundsystem, and more. We have to admit we have a few laughs out of the whole thing, but the show is much more enjoyable if you actually tolerate frat bros; otherwise, it comes off as slightly insensitive to our eastern borough friends. That said, this episode is the first of many, so we have high hopes for more witty banter. (Animal)

Photo: Via YouTube