Whoa! So Long Marnie & Charlie! Christopher Abbot Abruptly Leaves Girls

Well, looks like there is a bit of trouble in paradise. Last we saw Marnie (Allison Williams), she was arm-in-arm with her weirdly-successful-albeit-pushover boyfriend Charlie. However, that appears to be the last we'll see of "the cutest boy on Girls," because Christopher Abbott has, in the parlance of our times, flown the coop.
Page Six hints at some serious beef between Chris and Lena, writing that the two have been "butting heads." The leave was incredibly fast, and — it appears — tension-filled, with the source quoted as saying, "He didn’t like the direction things are going in, which seems a bit odd since the show put him on the map.” Yeesh. The move does seem to be official, with Chris' rep confirming the departure.
This isn't the only major change: It also is reported the writing staff is getting upended as well, with a healthy dosage of new male scribes. Things that make you go hrmmm...(Page Six)

Photo: Courtesy of HBO.

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