Like Mother, Like Daughter: Suri Cruise Gets Bangs!

If being fascinated with Suri Cruise is wrong, we don't want to be right. There's just something about Katie's mini me that's totally enthralling — maybe it's the fact that her wardrobe is better than ours, maybe it's her hobnobbing in hipster hangouts. Either way, it's easy to forget that this stylin' six-year-old is just that: A six-year-old.
But then, just when the Holmes-Cruise's have us convinced she's actually a mature adult masquerading in a child's body, Suri goes and does the most six-year-old thing ever — she cuts her own bangs. The wee one was spotted cruiseing around town this weekend sporting a brand new 'do that totally screams "I did this myself!" And, we couldn't love her more for it. Now, as for Katie's reaction? That, we would love to see. (People)

Photo: Via People