Dreams Really Do Come True (Or, How You Could Be The Next Spice Girl)

A preface: It took all of our self-restraint not to write this story entirely in Spice Girls lyrics (it can be done). But, we're just so excited right now — even though, we're sorry to say it, at this point, you're officially our competition.
We probably saw this coming, but Victoria Beckham has officially left the Spice Girls to focus on fashion business and her family — a difficult decision we're sure she made with a heavy heart. Posh may no longer need the Spice Girls, but that means the Spice Girls need you more than ever, as rumors circulate that the girl group is looking to replace her. Of course, this is just a rumour, but we've decided to cling to these whispers as if they are the gospel truth. According to the Daily Report, the group is looking to go five strong once more with an X Factor-style competition, a sure-fire way to surface the best talent Britain has to offer (though we don't think they should discount Eurovision).
Do you think you have what it takes to replace Posh? Do you have a nickname that will complement, not upset, the balance of existing Spices? More importantly, can you dance in platform heels? Then please, say you'll be there. (Jezebel)
Spice-embed Image: Via Jezebel

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