Is This The Luckiest 2-Year-Old In NYC?

We'll admit it: Most New York parents are a bit, well, over the top — whether they're obsessing over fancy preschools, paying for private piano lessons for infants, or dressing their children in designer duds. But, much to our horror surprise, we've officially found the most extravagant parent of them all. An anonymous mother recently purchased a $6.5 million luxury condo for...get this...her 2-year-old daughter.
Turns out, this mom is so convinced that her daughter is destined for greatness that she's willing to fork over tons of cash on the off chance she attends NYU or Columbia (in 16 years). The condo in question is part of the still-in-progress One57 development, an exclusive skyscraper with all the bells and whistles. While we can't say we're not a little jealous, we're wondering what would be wrong with university dorms — or, you know, waiting to find out where the toddler actually wants to attend college. (Daily Intel)
Photo: Via Daily Intel

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