Fascinating: Amanda De Cadenet Opens Up About The Dangers Of Fame

Growing up in the public eye isn’t easy. Just ask Lindsey Lohan or Drew Barrymore.
But Brit born L.A. transplant Amanda de Cadenet has taken it all in her stride. In the full feature in Red magazine’s May issue, on sale April 3, the former wild child reveals what is was like being a poster girl for the '90s.
“Now I never think about my life 20 years ago. I got sick of being famous. It is not a desirable ‘job.’ Young girls want to be famous now. That’s disturbing. There should be a handbook. It does a number on your head.”
Starting a family forged the path to the next stage in her career, the critically acclaimed TV show The Conversation, “My daughter gave me a whole new perspective. That time dictated why I do what I do now, creating this platform for women to be heard. It was definitely influenced by my feeling like I didn’t have a voice. I grew up in front of the camera from an early age. It distorts your perception of who you are. Having a lot of attention at a young age is not healthy.”
The Conversation is a little like a chin-wag with your favorite friend — you know, if Gwyneth Paltrow, happens to be your best pal. But it's Amanda's desire to create a platform for women to voice their thoughts and feelings that's caught our attention. Now, who's excited to see what season two has in store?
Red Magazine, May issue, out April 3

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