Watch: A Beauty Blog Without The BS, Courtesy Of A Beloved Journalist

Readers, take note: One of Britain's best-loved beauty journalists, Sali Hughes, has launched her very own website, and it's good. We shouldn't be too surprised by this, since her Observer column is one of the best reads out there. And with Sali Hughes Beauty, she's essentially created a bit of a dream job for herself in which she gets to write about what's important to her, chat up beauty industry bevies, and drop in on her mates to root through their supplies and talk about their beauty routines. If a glass of champagne is involved, all the better.
Hughes' site is self-dubbed as "a beauty site without the BS." How does she deliver on this promise? By providing real content and acknowledging that "there's more to life than lipstick," offering visitors a chance to discuss other relevant topics in an online community. Sali also promises to let readers know when she's being paid to promote a product. And she swears she'll never recommend a product she doesn't personally use and love.
But the most differentiating aspect of the site — the bit that really sets it apart from other beauty blogs — is the way she wants to have a real conversation about beauty; not just beauty reviews and how-tos, but a commentary on the role of beauty in shaping the social attitudes of and toward women. To really make a point about the way she'll approach the beauty discussion, Hughes kicked off her video series with her friend Caitlin Moran, author of the bestselling How To Be A Woman. Moran says, when it comes to makeup, "If David Bowie can do it, we can do it." Sounds fair to us. Now, take that can-do attitude and check out the full video!
Photo: Via Sali Hughes Beauty; Video: Via YouTube

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