BuzzFeed Hits The U.K., Gives Us…Map Porn

Home to all things weird but necessary, BuzzFeed is responsible for at least half of our daily musings. And now, the site has gone and added a new section just for the U.K., and naturally, has delivered on its strange-but-true promises in true Brit form. Geography nerds, rejoice: For this debut, BuzzFeed brings you the best underground maps, both real and fictional. Okay, mostly fictional.
Self-dubbed as "map porn for cartophiles," this is the spot where one can find even the most obscure of subway maps in the site's roundup of "17 London Underground Maps You Never Knew You Needed", including a Dr. Who version. Of course, BuzzFeed also loves to hit us with as much nostalgia as we can take, so it's no surprise that they've incorporated the more beautiful (read: actual) maps from the 1930s, into the mix.
The maps feature so many of the elements that are inextricably linked to London: Hugh Grant, Amy Winehouse, and dry humour, to name just an obvious few. And readers can expect similar content all across BuzzFeed U.K., including 43 Things British People Know To Be True and 15 Orangutans That Look Like Boris Johnson. With all these hilarious maps (and lists) on hand and with April Fool's Day fast approaching, we just hope you can resist the urge to hand these out to unsuspecting tourists. (BuzzFeed U.K.)

Image: Via BuzzFeed U.K.

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