The Future Of Fitting Rooms Is All Virtual — & It’s Kind Of Weird

There's really no feeling as pregnant with possibility as standing in front of a dressing room with an armful of prospects and a paycheck's worth of funds in your bank account. However, that whole "trying things on" part always seems to get in the way between you and a better dressed version of yourself. You never seem to be wearing the right type of underwear, grab the right size, or feel remotely pretty under the harsh fluorescent lighting. If there was a way to make the whole process more pleasant, you can bet we'll give it a go.
It turns out that there is a way to shop and try on clothes without stepping foot into a dressing room. Vismile, a Taiwanese company, has developed a virtual try-on program called Nuevo that superimposes clothing onto your body in real time. The clothes move with you, wrap around your curves, and can be mixed and matched on a screen that users infrared cameras to sense your body. Send images of yourself to your Facebook or Twitter and access previous outfit images in case you're stumped about what to buy. As far as realism, the clothes definitely look painted on in a Sims sort of way, and you'll probably want to physically try on clothing if things like fit and feel are important to you. But as a first-round filter, we're loving this idea. See below to see the Nuevo in motion! (Scientific American)

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