10 Boxes Tilda Swinton Would Love To Sleep In At MoMA

By now, you've probably heard that Tilda Swinton will occasionally be sleeping in a box at MoMA for part of an exhibition, on random dates that will remain unannounced. But have you considered the fact that she's probably just as nervous as you are excited? Sleeping in a box in public is a rite of passage for any actor looking to establish some arty, fringe Hollywood cred — and it's no easy feat. There are so many boxes to choose from, some might even go as far as to say this world contains infinite boxes, and the true glory of sleeping in one of these boxes can only be achieved once the napper has fully accepted the futility of finding the perfect sleeping box.
That's why we put together this list of stylish boxes for Tilda to consider. To be fair, we were inspired by this Twitter account, where Tilda's deepest and darkest thoughts are exposed to the harsh light of the Internet. We've taken into account her spiritual and physical needs to curate this roundup of containers worthy of The Pale One's majestic, ethereal presence.

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