David Beckham Shows Skin For Lecture, Raises Standards For Universities Everywhere

Let's get right to it, shall we? David Beckham showed off his chiseled-by-the-gods torso to a bunch of wildly undeserving college lecture attendees. Seriously, we never really expect someone to partake when we jokingly shout, "Take it off!," but Becks obliged to one student's request, and now our entire college experience seems lackluster in comparison.
The flash of per-Becks-tion was in an effort to show the students at Peking University his Chinese tattoo, which translates to "Life and death are determined by fate, rank and riches decreed by Heaven." We're pretty sure life and death are determined by the amount of Becks one sees in his/her lifetime, but whatever.
Some may say this is all in an attempt to save face after his earlier slip-up when, while demonstrating his football skills to a group of local athletes, he ended up completely wiping out on the field. But really, what better way to laugh it off than to remind the world that you're still smokin' hot. Very cheeky, if you ask us.
Do these students even know the magnitude of what they experienced? Were they momentarily blinded by his flash of perfection? Just colour us jealous, we suppose. (Daily Mail)
David-Beckham-embed Image: Via Daily Mail

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