This Oscars 2014 Host Rumor Might Surprise You

Don't you know it's never too soon to talk Oscars rumors? We're already planning our predictions for Best Robot Actress in 2089, and you better believe Jennibot Lawrence Model 52543K is gonna clean up in a big way. But for now, let's stick to something a little more present-day. Just a month after Seth MacFarlane hosted to mixed (but generally negative) reviews, the buzz on the street is that Justin Timberlake will take up the mantel next year.
He's already proven his chops as a performer of many talents and singing and dancing comes with the Oscars-hosting gig. With that in mind, Timberlake might be just the guy to spice it up while still maintaining a certain classiness. What do you think? Make sure to voice your opinion in the comments, just in case the head honchos at the Academy are reading R29 today and need a little help with their decision...

Photo: Brian Rasic/Rex/Rex USA.

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