Like A Van-Driving Mom Of Yore, Kate Middleton Wears A "Baby On Board" Pin

There is that socially awkward moment when you are sitting on public transportation and you see a woman who you can't quite tell is expecting, and there is a brief moment of panic: Should I get up to offer her my seat? If I do, and she isn't currently expecting, will I offend her? It's a tricky situation to navigate.
But fortunately for the clever folks who run London's Tube, women who are currently pregnant can wear a friendly "Baby On Board" pin signifying, yes, indeed, she is expecting. And since there is no one more famously expecting than the duchess of Cambridge, she cheerfully donned her pin when she took a Tube ride for the 150th anniversary of the transportation method.
Kate wore a dapper teal coat and a tilted beret and proudly showed off her pin, which is intentionally reminiscent of those decals often seen in minivans. Fortunately, she is still in the nebulous place where we would be unsure about whether or not we would need to give up our seats — those loosely fitted, totally buttoned-up coats do too good of a job hiding her royal offspring. Nuts.
Photo: Eddie Mulholland/Rex/Rex USA

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