We "Like" It! Jessica Chastain Is Très Adorable In Paris

How often do you find yourself driving around, only to stumble upon your own mug plastered on the side of a French building? Never, unless you're Jessica Chastain. The actress was cruising the City of Light and happened upon her smoldering campaign ad for YSL's Manifesto perfume (purple paws and all!). So, in true they're-just-like-us fashion, the award winner insisted on a photo op with the larger-than-life ad. Très adorable, indeed!
But, rather than let that snap collect virtual dust in her iPhone photo album, Chastain shared what she dubbed an "embarrassing moment" with her Facebook network, adding, "I had to jump out of my car and seize the moment. I mean, how many times does a girl get a billboard over the Seine River!?!" So far, the candid has collected 5,000 "likes" and over 350 comments — most of which are iterations of "You're adorable!" and "I want to hug you!". We couldn't have said it better ourselves.
Photo: Via Jessica Chastain/Facebook

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