Chloë Sevigny On Chloé — And, Oh Yeah, Owning 2,000 Pairs Of Shoes

Chloë and Chloé — try saying that five times fast. Well, accents were on an incessant flip mode last night as guests turned out to fete Chloé's 60th anniversary at Barneys New York — hosted by none other than Miss Chloë Sevigny herself.
We couldn't help but over-Insta our surroundings: La maison du Chloé remastered 16 of its iconic pieces for the Chloé Edition Anniversaire special collection, including past creations by Karl Lagerfeld, Phoebe Philo, and Stella McCartney, now available at select Barneys. But, even with all the eye candy, it was the other Chloë who stole the show in an eye-catching, cut-out dress (by her namesake, natch) and a sleek asymmetrical 'do.
Between copious amounts of cotton candy and model gazing (Caroline Winberg, Martha Hunt, Tilda Lindstam, and Hanne Gaby Odiele were spotted next to screens playing a loop of the label's throwback runway shows), we managed to snag Chloë for a quick Q&A. She let us in on her love for the French label, as well as a shoe closet that puts Jenna Lyons' to shame. Oh, and remember Chloë's Chloé ads? We know, this double name thing is confusing us, too.
How did you get involved with Chloé's 60th anniversary? "You know, they just called and said, 'We have our 60th anniversary coming up and we're going to do a party in New York, would you be interested in hosting?' I said, 'Of course.' I've worked with the brand in all different capacities, from wearing it and going to the shows, to doing the perfume campaign years ago. Of course, it's my name, just with different accents. But, this is really Chloé — I'm Chloë."

So, Chloë, do you wear a lot of Chloé?
"I have over the years. Yeah, I always wear it. Chloé is so romantic to me, it's so soft and feminine. There's such a consistency — regardless of the designer — over the years."

How do you put your Chloë twist on Chloé?
"I don't — very much!"

Someone told me you once collected Chloé perfume bottles? "I did...well I collected perfume bottles as a child. That's what I collected, and I was always getting Chloé constantly, so I had all kinds of powders, containers, and lotions. I had so much Chloé stuff you wouldn't even believe it."

Click through to the next page to see Sevigny's old Chloé perfume ad...and read about her not-too-shabby shoe collection!

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Do you shop at Barneys a lot?
"For shoes — yes!"

Speaking of shoes, how many do you think you have? Jenna Lyons recently confessed she had over 289 pairs... "So, it's embarrassing — I have way more than that. I don't know, maybe 2,000?"
Where do you keep them all? "I have a storage space in Connecticut."
Wow, that's crazy! Do you ever give some away? "Yes. But, if it's a little black bootie, I always save it."

So, basically, you keep the essentials?
[Points to her shoes.] "These are old Chloé from like, four years ago."

Photo: Courtesy of Chloé.

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