Another Girls Analysis: There's Something About Charlie

It's Thursday, so that means you've probably discussed/analyzed/alluded to Sunday's episode of Girls at least 42,364 times. But, at the end of the day, we've come to the following conclusion — It's less important to focus on who isn't wearing pants (literally), and more important to focus on who is (figuratively). The former would be Lena Dunham as Hannah, and the latter, Charlie, played by Christopher Abbott. He's Marnie's ex-boyfriend and current hook-up (at least until next Sunday), and we're kind of dying over him, in a really good way.
He let his hair grow out, he's got the whole sexy scruff look going on, and he's totally adopted a no-big-deal-attitude. For example, it's no big deal that he started a really successful mobile app company. And it's no big deal that he "could have sex with, like, any girl at this party," at least according to Shoshanna.
But, costume designer Jenn Rogien is attributing his sudden air of confidence largely to what he wears. She's got him clad in leather, dress shirts, and skinny jeans, and she's steering clear of his old look, which she calls "vintage collegiate." We totally agree that those wrinkled T-shirts and cardigans from season one highlighted his soft side (well, at that point it was his only side). And, after all, fashion is an extension of character, isn't it?
Anyway, even if Charlie didn't dig Marnie's rendition of Kanye's "Stronger," it seems he dug the way she looked in her bodycon dress, so maybe he does have a new appreciation for clothing. Or, maybe he just still loves her? Either way, we're really excited about his sudden transformation and can't wait to see what shirt he wears (and who he kisses) in the next episode. Oh, and seriously, Charlie, congrats on all those AMUs. (NYTimes)
Photo: Via New York Times

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