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Take It Off! Anderson Cooper Visits A Strip Club, Tells All

Whether he's testing out the beauty industry's latest innovations in nightingale droppings, surprising Alexa Chung with her own makeshift Chanel hula-hoop bag, or giving it to us straight on AC360, Anderson Cooper is both a name and a face — oh, that face! — that we've come to love. Were we disappointed then, that Anderson Cooper has set foot inside a strip club? Not in the slightest — especially after hearing his giggle-inducing story.
As Cooper recently explained to his Anderson Live guest host Lisa Rinna, "I went to one once for a bachelor party when I was in college and I literally was like talking to the ladies about their shoes. I mean, I was so not into it. I was like I am not even going to fake this one."
Check out the entire segment and laugh along as Cooper says the word "grinding" and teases Rinna for enjoying her own strip club visits. With such a playful take on the entire experience, Cooper is easy to forgive. (Too bad there wasn't a Magic Mike moment.) (Radar Online)

Photo: Via Radar Online