Meet Sebastian Theroux, Justin’s Hot Younger Brother

If we'd happened to cross paths with the Theroux brothers in NYC on Monday, this is what we imagine we'd say: "Oh, hello Justin Theroux. Who's this walking next to you? Your brother? Excuse us while we fan ourselves. We know you're taken, but thank god the Theroux gene pool has been so...thorough." Then we would promptly turn beet red, mutter incoherently, and flee the scene.
In all seriousness though, who knew Justin had a hot younger brother? As far as we know, Sebastian is 24 and apparently shares the family fondness for leather jackets. The pair was spotted walking through New York sporting matching layers with black hoodies, jeans, boots, and gloves. You know, just in case you didn't know they were related, they clearly wanted the outfits to clue you in.
We've got our fingers crossed that we'll see more of the younger Theroux come wedding time. Rumor is that his older bro and Jennifer Aniston plan to tie the knot in Hawaii in a few weeks. Justin may be considering Ben Stiller to play his best man, but as far as we're concerned, Sebastian is our one and only. (Huffington Post)

Image: Via The Huffington Post.