Watch: Colbert Grills Franco On Hottest Witch, Tolkien, And Being A "Fraud"

Leave it to master comedian Stephen Colbert to ask James Franco all the questions we've been thinking. From, "Why not just focus on acting?" to which Oz witch (say that 10 times fast) he'd most like to "pour a bucket of water on" (in a distinctly Hump, Marry, Kill type of way). The dynamic duo's late-night interview devolved from quick-fire questioning to friendly banter, and then, ultimately, to a J.R.R. Tolkien showdown for the ages.
One definite highlight was when Colbert asked Franco if, like The Great And Powerful Oz, he's also a fraud. "I am a fraud! This is an act," Franco jokingly retorted. Or not jokingly — you never know. Watch below to see the full interview, find out which Broadway show James will be starring in, and tell us if you think this is all just one big act. (The Hollywood Reporter)
Video: Via The Hollywood Reporter

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