J. Lawr's Epic Oscar Tumble Stars In New (Faux) Dior Ad

In what seemed like seconds, the meme-makers of the internet had a field day with Jennifer Lawrence's now-notorious tumble at the Oscars. Some of the memes, we admit, are hilarious ("Climb trees, can't climb stairs," and the weeping-princess comparisons, for example), while others were down-right mean. But, considering the Best Actress winner is also a fashion-industry favorite, it was only a matter of time before the emotional moment got the sartorial treatment.
Though her official print campaign for Miss Dior dropped just last week, Tumblr user i-nsan has given Raf Simons something to think about — an ad featuring the fall itself. While it's unlikely that Vogue will run the mock promo, the black-and-white version with a simple Christian Dior Paris logo could speak volumes: Here is a 22-year-old, who isn't perfect, but she looks ultra elegant even at her most vulnerable. And hey, who cares if they're selling something that's somewhat of a hazard, at least it's haute couture! (The Frisky)
Photo: Via i-nsan

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