Cara Gets Trademarked! Get Ready For The Merch

Cara Delevingne, everybody’s favourite supermodel and owner of the most famous pair of eyebrows on the planet, has trademarked her name. It has been reported she lodged "Cara Delevingne" as an official trademark with the Intellectual Property Office last December.
Our minds have gone into overdrive with what the 20-year-old's next step will be. So far, it has been alleged that she has put her name against traditional merchandise like perfumes, handbags, and nail files — what no brow gels or onesies? But her company, Cara & Co, which she set up with her father, remains tight-lipped on what will follow, and a website which bears the same name is currently under construction. Whatever Ms.Delevingne's next move is, we're sure it is going to be something special. Kate Moss and Naomi Campbell, start taking notes. (The Telegraph)
caraopener Photo: Via The Telegraph

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