How Oscar Winners Give Thanks: A Nifty Infographic

It's been said that the toughest script to nail is your own Oscars acceptance speech. Think about: Right after you've navigated your way through the maze of tables and chairs (likely in six-inch heels), you have one mere minute to thank everyone from your agent to Oprah, all while millions of eyeballs look on. Essentially, you have one take at the most important performance of your career — talk about pressure!
So, when we heard that Slate drafted an infographic of praises from the past 11 years (43 speeches altogether), we were curious to see how the celebs fared. Naturally, emotions are running at an all-time high (those statues should really come with a Kleenex!), but many remembered to thank their directors (only three missed that boat), and The Academy. But, when it comes to shout-outs to significant others and family members, many winners use the save-the-best-for-last tactic, as memories of mom often foreshadow serious waterworks.
Some other interesting stats: Meryl Streep has been thanked more than God, and NatPo gave Kate and Laura Mulleavy a special nod for their costume designs when she won for Black Swan. Click over to see Slate's in-depth reporting, and let us know who you'd thank if an Academy Award was ever in your possession (Oprah's only been mentioned twice, FYI). (Slate)
Photo: Via Slate

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