Need A Karaoke Fix? Skip K-Town And Hit Up The Standard, Hollywood Instead

Preparation for the mack-daddy of award shows shouldn’t be limited to buzzing about who got snubbed, debating if Seth MacFarlane is right for the gig, or drafting a drinking game for the red-carpet coverage (though we’ll be taking a swig every time Seacrest asks, "Who are you wearing?"). No, friends, giving those vocal cords a little action should definitely make your pre-Oscars agenda.
Visiting from NYC's East Village for just three nights, Chez André will inhabit mmhmmm (you know, The Standard, Hollywood’s former Smoke & Mirrors space) with a must-hit pop-up karaoke club. Warm up your pipes, contemplate crowd-pleasing tunes (nothing from Les Mis, s'il vous plaît!), and prepare your hottest to-be-seen ensemble (you do have to woo the doorman, after all). Come Sunday you’ll be so beat that parking it on the couch for three-plus hours will be the most welcome way to unwind!
When: Thursday, February 21 through Saturday, February 23, 10 p.m.
Where: mmhmmm at The Standard, Hollywood, 8300 West Sunset Boulevard (at North Sweetzer Avenue); 323-650-9090.
Photo: Courtesy of Black Frame

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