Make It A Double: Mila Kunis Lands Second Mod-Inspired March Cover


Between house hunting with Ashton Kutcher and sitting pretty for Dior, Mila Kunis managed to star on not one, but two glossy covers this month. But, even if she wasn't promoting Oz: The Great and Powerful, we'd still be scooping up the spread, because, let's be real — girlfriend always gives a good interview (remember her OKCupid confession to

Though she openly admitted she had an "amazing time" being single, she decided to keep the relationship talk to a minimum, staying mum on the subject of her current significant other — bummer! But, she did dish about the primary con of her very public courtship with Kutcher: the inevitable paparazzi. People suddenly know which Starbucks she frequents and what gym she sweats at, she says, adding that photogs, "have no concept of what kind of danger that puts people in. You’re constantly worried that something’s going to get out that’s going to put your life in danger or your loved ones." Certainly a scary situation we hope Kunis will never encounter!
But clearly, the topic of toxic shutterbugs weighed so heavily on Kunis' mind that she forgot to put on pants for the '60s-inspired spread. Click over to see what we mean!
But, who really needs trousers when you've got stems like the former Black Swan star? She even chats with the mag about exposing her epidermis during filming, explaining that directors can't have the best of both worlds. On the subject of a scandalous scene in Friends With Benefits she noted, "I showed side boob. I don’t need to show ass. You get one or the other. You don’t get both." And that line folks, is why we never pass up a Q&A with Kunis.
Photos: Via Allure

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