Watch, Laugh, Love: Lizzy Caplan Stars In Viva Vena’s “Fashion Film”

To celebrate the new, seen-on-R29-first Viva Vena collection from design duo Lisa Mayock and Sophie Buhai, Lizzy Caplan stars in the label's just-debuted film. The actress plays the role of the woman that many of us may aspire to be: She's an artist, writer, and songstress, and she's got great style, of course. But, to be specific, her artwork is a collage of disembodied eyes, her vintage typewriter doesn't exact post to Tumblr, and she prefers to listens to "obscure" tunes from the '60s (because they're better, duh).
Caplan is not a stereotype in this fashion film — aptly named "Fashion Film" — she's a trendsetter in a floral wreath; the cool and inspiring best friend you're in constant competition with you wish you always had. Conceived and directed by Matthew Frost, the film showcases everything we love about fashion and the Vena Cava designers — amazing, effortlessly cool clothing with a not-too-inconspicuous wink. It's a wonderful reminder that we should probably mark our calendars for Viva Vena's official launch later this month. Now, take those conch shells off your ears — you'll never be able to hear Caplan whispering with those things on — and click over to watch the whole thing. (Wait, why are we whispering?)

Photo: Courtesy of Vena Cava

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