Check It Out! Jessica Chastain Wore A Jessica Rabbit Costume Last Night

Jessica Chastain is the sort of pure, talented Hollywood beauty we can never imagine being involved in a Tinseltown whodunit or singing cabaret at a seedy night club. But that doesn't mean we can't compare her to Jessica Rabbit of Who Framed Roger Rabbit? fame. But before you object, we know you've been burned before — there are too many bad Jessica Rabbit Halloween costumes out there to make just any old comparison. No such problem in Chastain's (probably unintentional) ensemble.
The actress wore a red Alexander McQueen gown and long, sleek hair to the SAG Awards last night, and while her smile is a lot sunnier and more innocent than the crimson-haired toon's sultry gaze, we couldn't help but notice she was looking an awful lot like Betty Boop's rival. The impossibly shiny red hair, the perfectly fitted gown, the graceful curves and over-the-shoulder's all there! If you're worried this means Chastain will abandon her serious acting career in favor of chestier antics, you're just as prejudiced as Eddie Valiant. She's not bad, she's just drawn that way.
Photo: Matt Baron/BEImages

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