FYI, Jennifer Lawrence Did Not Have A Wardrobe Malfunction Last Night

Jennifer Lawrence was definitely one of the best-dressed at the SAG Awards last night, but it seems that her navy Christian Dior gown had a secret up its non-existent sleeve. The long trail caused multiple problems for the Silver Linings star as she attempted to navigate a sea of evil chairs on her way to the stage (as evidenced in the video above), but what looks like a ripped skirt is actually a haute couture detail of the highest order. The dress has multiple panels held together by sheer netting, and her acrobatics caused the panels to separate and flash a bit of leg — leading many outlets to speculate a major wardrobe malfunction.
Now, we don't take ripped couture lightly. But a quick check back at the spring '13 show reveals a variation of the strapless dress with multiple panels. So, if you were eagerly awaiting a new, fleshier chapter of Jennifer Lawrence's celebrity history, too bad. This one's on purpose. But for those of you looking for evidence of the actress' growing star power? Wearing a couture dress in Los Angeles just two days after the show in Paris should do the trick. (Grazia Daily)
Image via Grazia.

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