Girls Season 2 Episode 3: Icona Pop, Jerky, & Drugs

Annie: I honestly think this was my favorite episode of Girls, ever.
Connie‬: A good drug episode can't really be beat, and this seemed like a really hilarious and mostly accurate take. Like, it never felt preachy. No one died, no one got hospitalized, no one got arrested. It was appropriately disgusting and unglamorous. It was a this-could-happen depiction of a typical first-time experience. You do weird things. You want to dance a lot. You might make out with someone gross.

Nathan‬: They really got to overact in a fun way. It's reminded me of a slightly less over-the-top version of the heroin scene in Wet Hot American Summer or the coke scene in the remake of Starsky & Hutch (which is way funnier than it should have been, if you haven't seen it). The time Shoshanna smoked crack in Bushwick last season was also a high point for the same reason. (Heh, 'high point,' get it?).


Annie: Got it, Nathan.

Nathan‬: I had no idea AndrewAndrew were a real thing while watching this episode. But they ARE.

Connie‬: They are indeed! You, too, could go to an AndrewAndrew dance party in West Soho.

Nathan‬: But would you want to? Learning about AndrewAndrew made me feel sad for our culture.

Annie: Why?

Nathan‬: The idea of identical iPad DJs just seems depressing.

Connie‬: To their (its? are they a singular?) credit, they came up with that gimmick when iPads first came out, and it felt much cooler back then.

Nathan‬: It just sounds like something from Hipster Runnoff. I had a roommate named Andrew who sublet his room for a summer to two guys named Andrew. They lived in bunk beds and played Madden on XBOX all day and rarely emerged. The room was like 18 square feet. I bet that's what AndrewAndrew live like when they're not DJing. This city has entirely too many Andrews.

Connie‬: I can definitely see that club scene with Icona Pop playing in the background becoming as iconic as the Robyn scene during the first episode.

Nathan‬: If Girls wins at the Golden Globes next year, it'll be announced with that Icona Pop song, which is great. Icona Pop is great.

Annie: NATHAN. Yes. They will be announced with that song, and the crowd will go wild and we'll all be wearing mesh tank tops.

Connie‬: Lena's wearing those fluoro mesh American Apparel tanks the way that they're advertised to be worn though — props for authenticity

Nathan‬: Yeah totally. Dov Charney was like "Finally! She gets it."

Annie: What did you guys think of the fake XOJane lady that catalyst-ed the whole drug experience?  

Nathan‬: That was clearly a Jane stand-in, right?

Connie‬: Yeah her name was Jamie, but she wanted Lena to "Call me 'Jame.'" It was a total Jane Pratt caricature, except she definitely had more of a she-bro vibe and less of a nurturing Earth Mother vibe. But if you search "It Happened To Me: My Best Friend Slept With My Gay Roommate" or "It Happened To Me: I Did Cocaine For The First Time And Swapped Tank Tops" or "It Happened To Me: I Bought Drugs From Someone In Narcotics Anonymous" you'd probably find all of it on XOJane (and I say that with the utmost admiration — that site is VERY thorough!).

Annie: I really want to talk about the confrontation scene when they go to Booth's insane house. I honestly, for once, was really on Lena's level. Her speech was digging, but not irrational, and who WOULD want to go to Serendipity with someone's uncle and his stewardess wife named "Elledy"?

Connie‬: Yes! Also, she said one of my favorite insults, which is that something is "boring" because it implies that the person has the capacity to do better in such a cutting way. It's such a cool teacher thing to say.  

Annie: One last thing before we wrap. I'd really like to talk about the the Lena/Laird hook up...

Nathan‬: It was the saddest hook up.

Annie: I feel for her though. She feels like a million bucks in that moment (even without the coke). He tells her, "I got roped into this by a pretty face," and she says "My face?!" It's 100% a flattery game, which is partly why she tried to make out with Elijah, too. Once she's sure she's not the woman of his world, he's out. I mean, he was obviously wrong but it's sad he has to go.

Nathan‬: Yeah, true, she just needs attention. I hope Andrew Rannell's not gone as a cast member though. He's so good.

Annie: One more thing...when he says "When did you eat jerky" after she kisses him, and she says "That is no concern of yours"...BINGO.

Connie‬: Best line of the season,

Annie: I loved that because we didn't see her eating it either. It's like... she could always be eating jerky, at all times.

Connie‬: Like, jerky is probably one of the most shameful, disgusting, purely guilty-pleasure foods.

Nathan‬: No way. It's good, and pretty healthy.

Connie‬: Nathan :(

Nathan‬: High in protein and low in fat.

Connie‬: Nathan :(

Nathan‬: Jerky is a key part of any jerky-based diet.
Annie: Let's open this one up to the readers...

Photo: Courtesy of HBO/Jessica Miglio

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