Maybe There's Just Not Enough Room For Everyone At NYFW

When Peter Som announced that he would be canceling his fall '13 Fashion Week presentation, we wept were disappointed but understood. Designers need breaks, have babies, have lives, etc., and we, the press and public, will just have to wait for another big show next season. But it seems as though it's not just Som's collection that will not be seen at New York Fashion Week.
According to The Wall Street Journal, designers such as Joy Cioci and Daniel Vosovic have opted out of February's shows and instead will present their new collections in March, after Fashion Month's final bow. This change will allow these designers to show their collections to editors and buyers at a time when they're not competing for attention against mega-star designers like Marc, Alex, or Diane.
Along with forgoing the presentation formalities, these smaller labels will also be skipping the expenses, which WSJ On Style columnist Christina Binkley estimates to be "from $30,000…to more than a million." While this shift to March sounds like it could be a win-win alternative, we have to wonder: Is there simply no more room for all the fashion at Fashion Week? The short answer: perhaps.
Sure, okay, we are members of the press and may constantly say things like, "Let's catch up but only after Fashion Week," or "What's the quickest way to get to Milk from the UWS?" or "We're not fashion weak; we're fashion exhausted," but as WSJ reports, New York Fashion Week may have become more chaotic than ever. The reason for this jam-packed problem? There is currently no official party to regulate the schedule — a system that's already in place for the Milan and Paris shows. The story continues to add that "283 labels have registered to present [at NYFW]…up from 204 in Feb. 2007." Whether you divide that number by the days in a week or how many taxis there are on the street — either way, can we be looking at a New York Fashion Week future that not everyone can be part of? (The Wall Street Journal)

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