This Is Going To Be Good…Andre Leon Talley Set To Lecture Oxford Students

So, now we understand why A.LT. swooshes about in those voluminous gowns — he's been getting into character so that he can deliver a lecture at Britain's hallowed seat of learning. Next week, the Vogue ed will deliver an address to the Oxford Union, which goes some way to ease our disappointment at yesterday's news that La Wintour isn't coming over to Blighty after all. Judging by Andre's penchant for robes, this Oxford Union gig has been a lifetime in the making.
Described as "the last bastion of free speech in the Western world," over the past centuries, the Oxford Debating Union has lived up to its rep, with addresses from the possibly the most eclectic list of names you'll ever read. We're talking everyone from Mother Teresa to Malcolm X to Michael Jackson to, er, Katie Price.
While we know that Mr Talley doesn’t suffer fools — either at his magazine job, or as a former judge on America’s Next Top Model — we are intrigued to find out what bons mots he has to offer a room full of Oxford students, and, for that matter, what questions they'll be throwing back at him.
Sure, he's one of the most authoritative voices in the industry, so he'll have plenty of insight to offer on that score, but what we'd really like to know is how his very presence in the front row at shows has the insane ability to make Anna Wintour seem like a complete hoot. Oh, and we'd also like to learn how to deliver sassy one-liners just like him. Admittedly tricky when you're cursed with a British accent.
The lecture is happening at 7.30pm on Tuesday January 29 at the Oxford Union. We can't wait to read the transcript....

Photo: Via the Oxford Union

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