Lindsay Lohan Gives “Acting” Another Try, Watch What Happens

Oh, the glittering promises of Liz & Dick. Remember the heady days when redemption was promised for SUV-challenged Lindsay Lohan in the form of — at the very least — an Emmy? And hey, if you were dreaming big, perhaps even an Oscar in a new category created for "Excellence in a Lifetime Miniseries."

Unfortunately, as the entire Twitter universe knows, that fail couldn't even be cushioned by LL's ample lips. And yet, here we go again: This time,
The Canyons
— an ultra-campy flick based on Brett Easton Ellis' novel of the same name — is touted as Lohan's comeback. Really.

Surprisingly, the first trailer actually showed a glimmer of promise, with a '70s, B-movie vibe that harkened back to Robert Rodriguez circa Machete. But then, another clip surfaced, actually involving Lindsay's acting...if you count three lines of dialogue and two minutes of walking around a Neutra house practicing the craft.
Snark aside, after reading Sunday's haunting NY Times Magazine cover story on the starlet, the clip is a particularly depressing come-down in a year filled with Lohan's depressing come-downs. We are still trying to root for a Lohan redemption, but we think it might be time to watch Mean Girls on our DVRs again.

Video: Via YouTube

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