In Defense Of Elle Fanning’s “Shower Curtain” Dress

Ah, awards season. The time of year where famous people wear things and we all talk about it. There's a lot of cattiness in the air, but as far as we're concerned, what the world needs now is love, sweet love! That's why we're taking a stand in favor of Elle Fanning's red carpet ensemble last night, which has been viciously panned across the interwebs today.
Coco Perez wrote, "Somewhere in Vegas, a hotel bathroom is missing a curtain." Okay — he has a point. But after you get past your initial "holy-crap" moment, look a little closer. Sure, it's edgy for a tame event like the Critics' Choice Awards, but the craftsmanship that comes with the Chanel name manages to elevate the look into a slightly absurdist, yet wholly unique concoction. Plus, we've been obsessing on those Chanel platforms since they first hit the runway, and we applaud Fanning's preternatural aplomb by not pairing them with a minimalist frock. The youthful, scrapbook-like florals and the demure cut are an interesting and very current way to offset the Harajuku-esque shoes. If we were forced to come up with a criticism, we'd say it's a little unseasonal. But everybody knows L.A. doesn't really have seasons.
In the end, Fanning is young, beautiful, and looks like she's having a great time. We may not always be fans of her out-there getups, but this is one we can get behind. After all, the red carpet is exactly the place you'd wear something you'd never wear in real life.

Photo: Stewart Cook/Rex USA.


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