Color Us Surprised: Is Tom Cruise Dating A LES Resto Manager?

We have to apologize. You see, we've been so busy tracking the daily lives of Katie and Suri post-escape divorce, we've completely forgotten about that ol' ex-hubby Tom. We've been rooting for our favorite mother-daughter duo and their new NYC life, but now the master Scientologist himself is hitting the town in our fair city, and making some headlines of his own.
It seems that those secret wife auditions are back in action, because Tom's got a (rumored) new girlfriend. And, in true TC fashion, he's been out dirty dancing with her. Spies caught Tom getting hot and heavy with Cynthia Jorge, the manager of local spot Beauty & Essex. While some sources claim the two are "just friends," we know that Tom doesn't grind with just anybody.
Now, we know that a man needs companionship and all, but we have to say, we can't believe Tom is the first one to get back into the dating scene. Here's hoping that Katie's got the man of her dreams holed up in her Chelsea abode, and having a good laugh about all of this. (New York Post)

Photo: Via New York Post