This Is How Kanye Chooses A Kilt. Now You Know

Kanye West may not take a lot of things seriously. But the exception to that rule is (obviously) Kim Kardashian his leather Givenchy kilts. The rapper's now-famous style choice made appearances throughout his Watch The Throne tour with Jay-Z, but really, it entered into the zeitgeist after the 12-12-12 concert.
Well, let us pause to learn a thing or two about Yeezy and Givenchy's ongoing love affair. A behind-the-scenes video by the rapper's personal documentarian, VOYR (yes, that's a job), gives us access to all the tedious pre-kilt deliberation. After all, it can't just be any ol' skirt for 'Ye. One of Mr. West's stylists explains the heaven-sent vision: "I know from the meeting Ricardo [Tisci] and Kanye had in Paris, he just knew that he should be wearing a kilt."
Of course the video is also rife with enough Kanye-isms to carry us into this coming year, fully sated. The self-anointed "god of everything else," was particularly pleased with one entirely pleated kilt, complaining, "The one I had yesterday didn't have pleats in the back." Really, how many kilts does the man own?
The whole thing culminates in success, though. After regarding himself in the mirror for a very long time, the rapper finally decides on the option with the right silhouette. Alas, all is G.O.O.D in the life of the College Dropout. So long as his stylist never refers to the pieces as a "skirt" — because as the rapper quickly corrects, "It's a kilt." Oh, Kanye, it's really so much more than that.

Photo: Courtesy of VOYR.

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