Lilo’s Weirdest Unpaid Bill Yet — This Time for $16K!

Confession: We'd be more embarrassed if you raided our DVRs than our panty drawer. A&E alone takes up a large chunk of the scheduled recordings including (but not limited to) Intervention, Hoarders, and Storage Wars — the latter being a true guilty pleasure as we tend to stop whatever we're doing to tune in. Well, it looks like fellow SW fans could be in for a Tinseltown treat — Lindsay Lohan has failed to pay up $16,000 for her local storage bill in L.A., meaning her unit could go on the block. Looks like A&E (whose TV logo is "Real Life. Drama.") could get more than they bargained for!
Of course, it hasn't been confirmed that Dave, Brandi, or Barry will be bidding on LiLo's goods, but we predict the ratings would go through the roof. According to TMZ, expensive designer clothes, family heirlooms, and potentially embarrassing items are tucked away, and not a single soul is lending her the bones to pay off the bills.
Plus, this isn't the only money-related headache the Canyons star is trying to cure — her current IRS payments could make any accountant's head spin. Apparently, she's having trouble paying that $8,000/month rent on her Beverly Hills mansion, and she owes $233,904 in unpaid federal taxes on top of that. Maybe Lohan should seriously consider appearing in the Life-Size sequel, or easing up on those crazy Chateau charges. In the meantime, you can find us glued to the tube in hopes of a glimpse into la vida Lohan. (Huff Post Celeb)

Photo: Via Huff Post Celeb