Oh, Hey! That Glamourous Twiggy Look-Alike Is Actually Lena Dunham

From magazine covers to tight haircuts to modeling to pantlessness, the fashion life of young Ms. Lena Dunham keeps getting curiouser and curiouser — and we're totally onboard. Take for instance this Twiggy-inspired look the millennial auteur put on for Entertainment Weekly's Entertainers of The Year issue. Looking a bit more Mad Men in her vintage-style dress and pumps than she does in that mesh shirt from the Girls season-two trailer, Dunham is sleek, chic, and downright glamourous. Obvs, this is a play on how very not glamourous her character, Hannah, is and how her show is leagues more advanced than the values of the mid '60s — but it doesn't mean we can't dig the heck out if it. We're very into the slick hair, contrasting nails, and the chance to see one of our lazy-fashion faves take it up a notch for a sec. A portent of things to come? We'll see. (EW)

Photo: Courtesy of
Entertainment Weekly


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