UPDATED: LiLo Arrested In NYC — Now With Video!

UPDATE: Now the always johnny-on-the-spot TMZ has video of Ms. Lohan being cuffed by members of the NYPD wherein the accused expresses her incredulity with the situation through her signature ashtray voice. Also, it seems she was coming from the Justin Bieber concert. It's another case of popular music leading to violence. Tipper Gore was right!
Just when we thought Lindsay Lohan might be making a comeback for real — her performance in Liz and Dick was at least worth talking about, if not amazing, and she looked downright glamorous at the premiere — she falls back into her old habit of causing trouble at night clubs. The actress got arrested at Avenue in NYC last night after punching a fellow female clubgoer in the face. According to TMZ, "words were exchanged" between Lohan and the woman before Lohan requested that she "give [her] some space." Then, a while later, Lohan up and punched the woman. As you may know, she's already in the midst of some legal troubles after lying to the cops about one of her many moving violations back in California. So, when LiLo first started doing these things, it was shocking. Then, eventually, it was happening so frequently that it wasn't anymore. And now, we've turned back around the corner, and it is shocking again, because it just won't stop. But why? Is this a publicity stunt or is she really this reckless? If it's for real, then all we can do is hope she's okay and that she's actually able to continue her proposed return to acting. We were pretty excited for that Bret Easton Ellis movie, after all. (TMZ)

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