Karl’s Soft Side? The Kaiser Creates An Obama Sketch With Only Makeup

One of the most fascinating things about Karl Lagerfeld is that, despite often being fashion's most nefarious villain and cruel critic, he can turn around and do something downright heartwarming. First, he staunchly supported Nicolas Ghesquière after his suspicious Balenciaga fallout, and this morning, we find that The Kaiser was inspired by the re-election of President Obama and decided to express himself.
Lagerfeld has stated he is not a political person — and, in fact, when he has dabbled in politics, he has historically ended up looking like a bit of an "imbécile" — but his recent sketch isn't as much about the left/right divide as it is just a charming awareness of world affairs. Featured in the German newspaper Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung, Lagerfeld depicted President Obama in all chef's whites, proudly holding the White House like a garçon. Written in German, Karl scrawls, "The biggest chef in the world," and then does a little math by adding, "10x5 stars."
“The subject was inspiring,” he told the paper. The inspiration, it appears, was so strong that Karl turned to his newest cosmetic collaborator, Shu Uemura, for his materials, using the palettes as, well, his paint.
Brisk and somewhat off-putting demeanor aside, thinking of Karl Lagerfeld settling into his silver years as an eccentric who paints famous figures using only makeup might be one of the more pleasing thoughts we've ever had about The Kaiser, truly. (WWD)

Photo: Courtesy Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung/WWD

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