Gwyneth Paltrow On Having A “Square Butt”

When was the last time Gwyneth Paltrow's body looked anything short of spectacular? If you begrudgingly answered "never," then we have to agree with you. However, after giving birth to her second child, Moses, the actress had some lingering body insecurities — and thus sought out the help of worshipped celeb trainer Tracy Anderson. The exercise-induced endorphins have been ever flowing since. To get in on the Tracey/Gwynnie team-up, we caught up with Paltrow at The Standard Hotel in NYC for the launch of Anderson's latest body-saver,
The Pregnancy Project
, a series of workout DVDs for pregnant women.

When Anderson herself ended up with a bun in the oven, Paltrow urged her to make a special routine for pregnant women, and thus the Pregnancy Project was, erm, born. The series comes with nine DVDs, one for each drastically different month of pregnancy. While the regimen takes into account the unusual cravings of expecting women, the exercises make it easier to get back into shape after giving birth.
Aside from advising moms-to-be to find a really "legit" sports bra, Anderson did (surprisingly!) recommend giving in to your body's crazy natural cravings and needs. "I think you should give into most cravings during pregnancy because your body is telling you what it needs to nurture this new life. During my first pregnancy, I craved Pizza Hut, McDonald's, Oreo Blizzards from Dairy Queen, which I don't advocate! I do think while you can have some of that every once in a while, don't make it a daily habit, because then you're setting yourself up for a disaster," said Anderson.
Anderson cited Paltrow as a major inspiration behind creating The Pregnancy Project. She even described Paltrow as "magical." However, all this girl crushing wasn't entirely sappy at the launch, as Paltrow pointed out Anderson's initial tough criticism: "When she came to New York, and I met her, she pulled my pants down and — I'll never forget it as long as I live — she was like 'Oh my god! I did not expect this. Your butt is so long and square, but you look so good in clothes!'" Sigh. We're having a hard time believing that one, Gwyn.

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