Did Jen And Angie Make Up? A New Hilarious Spoof Had Us Double-Taking!

Everyone knows that tabloids tend to stretch the truth, but the latest issue of In Touch is turning things up a notch. The gossip rag hired Jennifer Aniston and Angelina Jolie doppelgängers to pose in a series of snaps, depicting the rivals as reconciled besties. So, how would the former and current Mrs. Brad Pitt spend a Saturday afternoon together? According to the mag, the duo would sip vino alfresco (in plain sight of the paparazzi, puh-lease!), and giggle over glossies at the hair salon. Sure, when steamy-hot L.A. freezes over!
We do admit, the best part of the spread is the wardrobe choices — "Angie" is seen in all-black attire with a Morticia Addams-esque 'do, while "Jen" sports boyfriend jeans (borrowed from Justin, perhaps?) and her famous Rachel hairstyle. Seriously, if these actors are looking to make some extra cash, they could easily hit up Hollywood Boulevard and stand alongside Spider-Man and Marilyn as characters for tourists to gawk at!
Do you think these impostors do the blockbuster babes justice, and is this how the legendary foes would bury the hatchet? Feel free to talk amongst yourselves and speculate below! (Daily Mail)

Photo: Via Daily Mail