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Dreams Do Come True: Tourist Van Spots Becks In His Skivvies!

We hate nothing more than being stuck in traffic behind one of those stargazing bus tours as they creep along, pausing in front of A-list driveways. But, if yesterday's spotting proves to be a trend, we're totally tailgating each TMZ van that passes! While tourists were cruising around Beverly Hills yesterday, they happened upon a nearly naked David Beckham who was shooting his latest H&M underwear campaign. If they came to see the sights, these out-of-towners certainly got an eyeful!
Clad in khaki briefs, the heavily tattooed baller was seen in what Becks and his crew thought was a secluded spot. Lo and behold, a bus full of snap-happy tourists stumbled upon the set and caught a sneak peek of the upcoming collection. Although billboards and statues of the 37-year-old litter our city streets, Becks was super shy and ran off to his car in hopes of avoiding a photog's lens. Luckily for us, he didn't run fast enough! (The Telegraph)

Photo: Via The Telegraph