Welcome To Your New Life: Apple Releases Free iPhone/iPad Update Today

Today is the day your iPhone and iPad gets really, really good. Even if you aren't going to get the iPhone 5, you will still be privy to a major, major overhaul with the new iOS 6 — an operating system that may make all the world a better place.
Gizmodo's very own Sam Biddle does a great breakdown, but we decided to distill some of his observations into a manageable cheat sheet for the new OS (that's operating system, FYI). Instead of major internal improvements, the new upgrade offers some seriously useful integrations: better Facebook, a Siri that makes us happy (not cranky), and a gorgeous new iTunes interface. Just check it all out.
First and foremost, head into settings and swipe General, and then Software Update. If you have room for the hefty two-gig operation, download now.

Does your inability to quickly update your status and broadcast your images to your friend network get you down? Worry no more, because the new Facebook is automatically integrated into your system. Take a picture, hit "send," and — voilà — you can upload it to Facebook, just like you can message it to your friends. So much updating, so little time.

Photo: Courtesy of Apple



The old way of living used to mean watching your mother call mid-dinner and being forced to choose whether you want to send her annoyingly to voicemail or see her flailing helplessly on silent. Now, thankfully, Apple has learned the art of rejection, which subtly ignores calls and either lets you send a pre-programmed text or reminds you to call them back. Your mom will be so happy!


Google Maps

You'll notice a sudden absence of any Google products, including the once-crucial Google maps. In its place is Apple Maps, which is faster, prettier, and offers turn-by-turn directions. The lack of "bitmap" loading means that you won't have those slow, blurry zoom-ins that you used to have.


Siri is now way more powerful. Not only does she still tell you bad jokes, but she is now able to make you dinner reservations, access Maps, and give you Yelp ratings, which isn't just's charming, too. (She still knows Mom's birthday, however.)


The detail, exquisite rendering and usefulness of the new iPhone emoticons will literally eliminate the need for words ever again. Seriously — look at the detail on that cat!

New iTunes/App Store
Of course, no Apple update would be complete without a slightly disconcerting iTunes revamp, changing our habits and shaking up our daily routines. This new touch-up feels more like working with the program on a laptop or desktop — and the app program is streamlined and made more pleasant to use. No more scrolling, waiting for your options to load, and then scrolling some more.
The update is a huge stylistic improvement (even though this writer had to delete her Catpaint program to make room for it), showing that Apple is interested in making the iPhone/iPad an all-in-one device...and our lives are easier for it. (Gizmodo)
Photos: Courtesy of Apple; iTunes/Emoticons via Gizmodo

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