Double Take: Lana Del Rey’s H&M Vid Revisits Twin Peaks

From the looks of Lana Del Rey's newly released H&M ad, we're assuming that Twin Peaks was the most recent item in her Netflix queue. The sultry singer (who gave us an eyeful on the cover of
) is following up her print campaign for the Swedish retailer with an equally stunning 30-second clip. And, if you're experiencing a bit of déjà vu, don't be alarmed. Not only does the fuzzy, pink angora sweater make a repeat appearance, we're sensing some serious Lynchian vibes from the vid. With a Black Lodge-esque setting and surreal characters that could've been cast by the filmmaker himself, Del Rey's new project is totally Peaks-inspired. In addition to the Red Room references, there's even a dwarf with a supporting role — perhaps an ode to The Man from Another Place?
Oh, and you can't ignore the fact that she's covering "Blue Velvet" in the commercial — a track that was originally featured in a Lynch flick with the same name.

And, now that we think about it, her SNL performance was a tad reminiscent of Audrey's dance in the diner. Could Del Rey's life be one big homage to the cult director? And, if so, do you think she's doing his work justice? Sound off in the comments! (FashionIndie)

Photo: Via YouTube