James Franco’s Latest Project? Getting Sued By His Former NYU Prof

Is there anything James Franco can't do? Pen a column for Playboy? Check. Write convoluted opinion pieces on Girls? Check. Design a line of made-for-hipster tees, receive approximately 823 college degrees, AND get sued by his former professor from one of those colleges? Check, check, and check. Wait — say what?
Yes, ladies and gents, it's a celebrity gossip moment we couldn't make up, even if we tried. José Angel Santana, Franco's former NYU film instructor, (who is already engaged in a lawsuit against NYU), is now suing the actor-slash-everything-else, for making "disparaging and inaccurate public statements."
According to Santana, the only reason he was fired from NYU was for giving Franco a "D" grade — which he received as a result of missing all but two of Santana's 14 directing classes. Hey, maybe not showing up to things he's committed to is how he's able to juggle such a jammed schedule! Franco's justification for his numerous absences? He didn't want to "waste [his] time with a bad teacher." Ouch. Now, that's the kind of smack that leaves a bruise.
Try as we do to fight it, we can never quite turn ourselves away from Franco-related drama. There's something about the star that makes us want—no, need—to pay attention to anything carrying his name. If we're being honest, we wouldn't be totally surprised if this lawsuit wound up being a performance piece by Franco. If that is the case, bravo, boys. We love your work. (NY Post)

Photo: Via The Hollywood Reporter