Katie Holmes & The Olsen Twins Are Saving Fashion — Seriously!

No, smoothly maneuvered, high-profile divorces or $30K aren't the heart and soul of style, but they sure don't hurt. In fact, when consumers see ladies like Katie Holmes and Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen, of whom are defined by most outlets as "fashionistas," decked out in fashion-forward duds, fans begin to feel more fashion confident. Or, so suggests Business Week, which contends that savvy celebrities both bring name recognition and a real, true familiarity to the market when they create their own line.
Of course, a celeb brand doesn't necessarily mean success: Think Milla Jovovich or Natalie Portman's vegan shoe line. Yet, when established fashion mavens subtly, almost expertly, launch a line, both the industry and the public appear to pay attention. The argument is that celebrities know so much more about the fashion process, from what labels are in to what designers they'd like to represent, that they are very deliberate about the clothes they wear...and this fashion awareness is beginning to trickle down to the average consumer.
Basically, if Katie Holmes wears Prabal, the tabloids run with the story. Since Katie is known for her well-heeled style, the glowing reports lead to a sudden spotlight on the young label, adding awareness, and as such, sales.
So, indeed celluloid-friendly divorces and galavanting around with a politician's brother certainly help the label's profile, but the reason editors are lining up to see Holmes & Yang's Fashion Week debut isn't just because Katie is a mega-hot topic, but because, well, Katie's got style. (Business Week, The Grindstone, ONTD)
Photo: Via Business Week

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