What Does It Take To Be Banned From The Chateau? Ask LiLo!

Dear Lindsay Lohan,
We're rooting for you. Really, we are! With Liz & Dick and The Canyons on deck, it looks like your acting career is heading towards a comeback. But, in light of your recent Chateau Marmont bill being leaked to the media, we feel the need to voice our concern.
We're well aware of how easy it is to go a bit over-budget at The Chateau, but $46,350.04 over the course of two months is somewhat obscene — especially if you expect your production company to foot the bill (which we heard was the reasoning for not paying up after multiple warning letters from the hotel's management). Additionally, let's have a chat about these charges: While the hotspot is famous for its lavish soirées and A-list clientele, $3,145.07 in minibar expenses is pretty indulgent, even by the castle on the hill's standards. You even celebrated your birthday at your home-away-from-home, but low-key the shindig was not: $502.43 was dropped on booze alone! Oh, and there's the $686 on cigarettes, $100 on a single candle, and $386.50 on laundry (in case you needed a summary of the bill).
Trust us, we realize what fun it all must be — many Hollywood icons have also called The Chateau home, and after Sofia Coppola's Somewhere, all we want to do is have tea parties in the pool with Stephen Dorff and Elle Fanning. So, let's keep the legendary L.A. landmark chic and classy and pay our bills on time, shall we? Maybe we'll meet you across the street at the tamer Sunset Tower for some much-needed R&R in the meantime? (Celebuzz)

Photo: Via Celebuzz