Vogue Is Getting Fat: The September Issue Is Now Creating Postal Problems

September issue page numbers are the basis for a sort of an unspoken industry pissing contest, and they get more aggressive every year (mostly, anyway). By 2050, at this rate, the end-of-summer glossies are going to come in multiple volumes and be delivered by an old-timey encyclopedia salesman (we wish).
This year, Vogue broke its own record, coming in at a whopping 916 pages. 658 of those pages are ads — also a record. But all that poundage — 4.5 to be exact — is causing problems with the US Postal Service.
If you live in an apartment building sans doorman, you know what a drag it is to deal with packages. But you had better suck it up if you want to get your September-issue fix, because it definitely won't fit in your mailbox. Huffington Post talked to one mail carrier who pointed to her swollen elbow and said it's the result of 13 years of delivering "that kind of magazine." Another postal worker said she hasn't seen magazines this large in a decade. This is probably good news for the print industry, but bad news for elbows everywhere. (Huffington Post)
The issue is great. We have trouble reading it in bed, but love the cover, and there's some amazing talent inside. But, at nearly a thousand pages, with less than a third of that featuring actual editorial content, does Vogue need to go on a diet?

Photo: Courtesy of Vogue.

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