Is This Chanel Video Telling Women Not To Read?

As far as we can tell, this video is pretty awesome. Perfect features float in midair and pronounce that they love Chanel, all bathed in vaguely '60s hues. What's not to love?
Well, possibly something pretty outrageous. The clip is causing a mini controversy on comment boards across the Internet because of a debatable voice-over at 0:45. Some people think she's saying "Men hate women who read." But she might be saying "reek," and though that's less offensive, it's still pretty weird. Or actually, as you guys point out, she's more likely saying weep, which makes more sense and is still a bit troubling, but much less offensive. (Fashionista)
Never thought we'd utter these words, but we're in favor of "reek." Give 'er a watch — or maybe just a listen — and tell us what you hear.

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