What Does Anna Wintour Have To Do With Glee? Everything.

We've already been counting down the days until Sarah Jessica Parker (temporarily) joins the cast of
, but now it seems she's getting a little help from her friends in (very) high places. According to a tweet from co-creator Ryan Murphy, Anna Wintour herself will be stepping up to the plate to help out with SJP's costumes. The former Carrie Bradshaw will be playing a Vogue editor on the show, so it's only natural that the editrix lends a hand to the wardrobe selection.

Not only do we love the idea of these two power ladies joining forces for one of our favorite things (TV, duh), but we can't hardly wait to see the kind of breathtaking designs Ms. Wintour will be able to pull together. Here's hoping she taps into her realm of talent to debut some seriously awesome spring collections. Next on our wish list is a guest spot for Anna herself — we'd pay good money to peep her perform a high kick. (The Hollywood Reporter)

Photo: Via The Hollywood Reporter